Outline    Our Sisters project will facilitate workshops, fun activities, and self- discovery outings at varies locations. There will be one group sessions conducted bi-weekly and graduating to the next phase of becoming a butterfly.   Workshops  There are three stages of becoming a butterfly   which are the egg stage, the caterpillar and the pupa. (Self esteem development) Our professional beauty team will do a complete makeover for each girl & photos will be provided, teaching the importance of taking care of one’s physical appearance and personal hygiene, and addressing other related teen issues. The Girls we also learn how to make there own jewelry teaching them finical literacy and entrepreneurship.   Delivery Methods  Seminars, Research Project, Lectures, jewelry classes, vision board workshop, Panel discussions, Debates, and book reviews.  Group Sessions           The target demographic is young ladies, ages13-18. A group session will consist of three phases, which are physical activity, mental activities, and a workshop activity. First, each participant will be required to participate in the three part series of the butterfly effect that builds character and self esteem. Second participants get a complete makeover and write a two page paper on there transformation, than participants will learn how to make there own jewelry once they graduate to the butterfly stage.  Requirements  Guardians are required to reinforce the goals of Our Sisters Project, in order to reach the participant full potential. Students are required to purchase OSP t-shirt A journal is required, pen, folder, and a calendar.